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9/21/14 Noon Check In

On his way home from the meeting, Doug called me to chat. I was talking to him about my mental and physical health now, compared to a few years ago. I was saying that sometimes I feel a little mental about the way I eat food (as in mental health wise because I have this weird relationship about eating food now, and I’m trying to be serious with him. And I was trying to talk things out about how I feel and I was trying to recognize how my eating habits were so that I could better them), and he goes…..

"Maybe it’s because you’re a woman." Trying to make a bad joke at the wrong time about me being mental just because I’m a woman.

I hung up on him. Then he comes home and apologizes, and I told him that I’m not in the mood for stupid tonight (since I had handled the kids being crazy tonight as well.) He told me that he knew he shouldn’t have said it immediately after saying it, and that he was stupid and in the wrong, and he’ll think first before he speaks and stuff. I’m still upset with him. He’s on his walk with Jake right now.

Why are men so stupid?!


Doug is at an AA meeting right now, and the kids are giving me crap for bedtime. Seriously close to losing my shit on them because I’m not in the mood to deal with their crap tonight.

Currently on season 2 of the Mindy Project, today the older two played with the play doh stuff literally all morning until lunchtime. David has been in a whiny mood today, and Haddie was throwing in a few of her own tantrums as well. Today was good, but the evening and bedtime has been a disaster so far. Other than watching Doctor Who, I organized my desk with some of my WoW stuff, and decluttered a lot. My desk is looking how I want it to look, I just need to get some posters and a cork board for the wall that my desk is on. It’s literally a blank canvas so I need something to look at on my wall. Since my desk is in a corner, I actually have 2 walls I can decorate if I want to. I also used letter blocks and the stands from Scrabble to spell out  “Allons-y” and “Geronimo” on either side of my computer screen. I like it. I’m going to add more stuff and get ideas to decorate the walls like the big geek I am lol.

I still need to order my sisters presents for her birthday.

I can hear the older two playing with Sam after they’ve woken him up after they went to bed. Someone shoot me.

I’m loving that tumblr has finally put in notifications about messages. It makes it so much easier! Sometimes I get too busy scrolling though stuff and reading, so I don’t look at my inbox for hours or more. And sometimes I just keep forgetting to reply back, or forget that I have a new message lol.


David told me today that he was 37 years old. I can’t complain, since sometimes he acts older than his age. And then I remember he’s actually 4 whenever he starts throwing a crying fit over his sister just looking at him. Do 37 year olds do that?…9/19/14

September 19, 2014

What. A. Day. I was barely functional all day. Woke up to Doug getting home from work at 8:30am. He had to be home quickly since he was a pallbearer in a funeral of one of the people he ran on. He got his shirt ironed, himself showered and trimmed up hair and beard wise, and was out the door by 9:30. He didn’t get home until after 2pm.

Meanwhile I had gotten Sam and fed him since he was already awake, gave Doug a haircut, fed the kids, cleaned up the living room, organized and put stuff in the shed, and had to deal with a kid who only had one good nap today (Sam). I couldn’t get any dishes washed because Sam refused to sleep. And then he slept for about 15min, and then he stayed up for a few hours. He finally managed to get in a decent nap around 3 or 4pm, I really don’t remember. But by that point I was just exhausted and hardly awake. I made chicken alfredo for dinner, washed the silverware, and the older two had a playdate for an hour while I cooked. This post might be all over the place since I’m still a bit delirious lol.

We also got 2 things in the mail today. One is the outfit from heliotropebouquet to Haddie! It’s what she’s wearing in the picture above. She loves it! I’m also glad that it’s slightly big enough too that she can continue to grow into it some more. The other thing was this play doh deal that we got from my mom for Haddie too. When Haddie woke up from her nap, she spent hours doing all sorts of stuff with the play doh and cutouts. David joined in too.

It’s almost 9pm and Sam is in bed, the older two need to be put down for bed (horse tranquilizers anyone? They seriously have crazy energy right now), and I just want a big bowl of ice cream. Today was rough since Sam didn’t want to sleep at all. Might watch some Mindy Project while waiting for the minions to fall asleep. How was your day?

Birthday present from my mom for Haddie.

heliotropebouquet WE GOT IT TODAY! She was so excited and happy! Thank you so much from me and Haddie! She LOVES the clothes, and she loved the card too. She’s currently napping with the clothes on her bed beside her because she wants to wear them whenever she wakes up lol. 

Toddler Conversations

Haddie: ” I’m three years old now, and two is gone..” *cries on the couch* 

*Haddie is brushing my hair…*

David to Haddie: ” When I was your age I brushed mommys hair too.”

Haddie to David: “When you were my age you had a lot of hair, and you had this hairbrush!”